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People’s delayed iPad Pro 4th gen

I ordered an the iPad Pro 4th gen last Sunday and I was reading through the forums and is it most likely I will experience the same delays? Or has things decided to shift and have products pushed faster?
Just curious because I become really impatient when it comes to ordering stuff online as per most people I believe especially when there is no estimated delivery date. But thank you for helping “Brandon T” u must be really stressed helping out others so thank u for your courtesy to help. 😊

Hello @Momonkey76

I foresee us getting them at the end of this month or end of Aug at this point. When I ordered mine ok the 24th via Telus? I checked out Apple ( same model and all) and their website showed 3-4 weeks ( July 15th- Aug 5th delivery. So it seems like it would be the same time for us. I heard Telus is getting 2 batches in July so who knows if that’s true.

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Friendly Neighbour

totally agree with you for the price !

Even if the IPad came out in March? It's August and barely anyone has it in their hands. Most if not all facilities and manufacturing plants opening up late may / June. So there shouldn't be much excuse of not lowering the price. They should either offer a small discount or something for the inconvenience of waiting. However we know Telus and Apple won't. Lol

So everyday I have been monitoring Bell / Telus and Apple's websites to see who is grtting stock / shipment.

Bell as if this morning shows they have in stock of the IPad 12.9 on their website. I called and they got a huge shipment which includes most if not all the orders that were placed. Apple the same thing (3-4 weeks but usually is shipping them out faster now).

Telus? Crickets... Still shows ( in stock online 6-8 weeks) however 0 effort by Telus to say anything. My patience is running thin.

Friendly Neighbour

And so is mine 🤬

Geez I came to check up on u guys to see if any positive news came out and I’m still shocked that no one has gotten theirs yet I’ll pray u guys get your devices soon 🙏🏽🙏🏽

11 weeks since ordering.

I'm at 7 weeks this coming Monday. I wonder what is going on. I know Apple said they had issues but also they have shipped out same to their customers.

They better drop the price or offer something for this wait. If not Apple? Telus should but we know they won't.

Hey guys! So after speaking to a manager? I got someone from the webstore to send me this..

" Hello D,

We apologize for the delayed response as we're currently receiving an unusual volume of emails due to the ongoing global emergency situation.

Unfortunately, this item is currently on backorder. As per indicated on the your order shipping message, we anticipate receiving stock by 6-8 weeks from the time that you placed the order (June 24, 2020). As of today, we are still within the timeframe, as tomorrow would only be the 7th week.

Your order will ship out as soon as new stock becomes available. Please advise if you want to wait for this item, or if you want this order cancelled and refunded.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.


TELUS Webstore
TELUS Customer Solutions
Member of the TELUS team
The future is friendly®"

So for anyone that wants to hear someone from the Webstore? Contact Telus, speak to a manager and express ur frustration. They will get someone to email u.

Friendly Neighbour
Useless email I have already received when I complained. In my case they are out of the time frame I’ve been waiting my iPad since June 9th so it’s been 9 weeks this is getting ridiculous.

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Hello @Guiqc

Oh i know. I have replied back giving them the link to this forum and wrote how many are unsatisfied. It's funny how they use the pandemic as a excuse not to email but yet if a manager let's then know to email us? They will in 2 days. I even said that. So i called them out on it. I even wrote to give us some sort of a deal or something for this.

Friendly Neighbour
I would be happy with a free accessory like a apple pen .....

Guillaume Santerre
Directeur de succursale
Structure du Nord
Cell : 514 883-1772

I ordered May 21, 2020. That’s weeks beyond 8 weeks.

Hello @Momonkey76

Trust me this isn't looking good on Telus at all. I get it Apple hasn't sent them devices but the fact that they are trying to pull the " well ur still in within the timframe "? Shows the logic they have. They have no logic. The fact is they have nothing to say as they don't know what to say.

For you? Most likely will make some other excuse lol.

My ipad has shipped!!! I can’t believe it... I had to read the email 3 times. It’s funny because I sent an angry email this morning before work and suddenly I got the shipment email. Get angry guys! 😂

Friendly Neighbour
And so I did.

Curiosity when did you buy your iPad ?

Guillaume Santerre
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Hey @Wynn

Nice! Lucky u! Unfortunately my angry email didn't do anything haha. I knew they got shipments in this week ( as Bell got some too) but it seems limited with Telus. Don't know what the deal is.

There is no way 1,000+ people ordered this ipad from Telus and they can't get any lol.

Either way I am happy for u. 7 weeks and counting.

@Guiqc I ordered on June 2nd, so it's been 10 weeks. I did mention in my email to them this morning that I would be willing to take the silver version if they had more of them in stock - not sure if that had anything to do with my getting the shipment email shortly thereafter.


Really hope you all get your shipment emails soon! Guess it's time to order my pen now. 😁

Yippee!  My order is on its way.  IPad Pro 12.9 space grey!

And I sent no emails or angry calls lol... they’re legit following first come first served!

When did you order? @Momonkey76 I ordered last July 8th, they emailed me yesterday saying 


“Hello Anne,


We apologize for any delay.


This is just to update you on your order. We are still waiting for the stocks but as soon as we received the device we will ship it out right away.


As of this time, we only have standard shipping.


Thank you for your patience on this matter.”


I am unsure as to what they mean by “we only have standard shipping” 

Hello @AnneGMD

I ordered June 24th and still waiting. I'm at my 7 weeks right now waiting.

Yea the "Standard shipping" makes no sense here. Standard shipping means they are not doing express shipping and only standard lol. Telus instead of being clear is more confusing then other carriers.