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Recently purchased an iPhone from apple so it’s unlocked with no carrier. I currently have a plan with Telus on my old iPhone (not on a contract anymore) as the old phone was paid off awhile ago. Am I able to just transfer my SIM card over to the new unlocked phone with no issues or do I need to contact Telus about the new phone ? If yes what’s the process that Telus would do ? Just transfer the plan on the old phone onto the new one or?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Just swap the SIM. If you still have the old iPhone and want to transfer your data to the new one as well, just have the old one turned on and power on the new one beside it and you'll be prompted about transferring your information to the new phone. It's done wirelessly so depending on how much you have saved to your phone (not counting apps as they'll re-download instead), it could take a bit of time to complete.

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