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How to unlock an iphone 6s

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I have an iphone 6s that is ancient. Was a customer of Telus for over 40 years, until today. I inserted the sim card from the new carrier and to my surprise the long paid for (8 years) phone is locked to Telus.

Soooo I tried to chat and all I got was bots and then I was informed Telus was closed for the day. Then I called our local store ... answering machine saying leave a message as no one answers the phone there ... so now over the phone and it is over an hour wait or longer.

Meantime this ancient phone is unable to be activated on my new service and is without service. Our service is paid up until Dec 6th ... ported the numbers and within 5 minutes account closed without verifying that all phones were unlocked.

Help !! happy to be moving on !


Community Power User
Community Power User

In Canada, the vast majority of phones sold before December 1, 2017 were carrier locked. The CRTC only changed the rules effective that date so that all phones since then were sold unlocked. 


You should be able to use the virtual assistant on Telus's website to unlock the phone if your Telus account is still active. The assistant is the purple chat icon on the lower right corner of the screen. Just tell it "unlock my phone".

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The moment that the new provider requested to port our numbers Telus cut off our account and I could not longer do anything online. I have an excellent payment pattern and five devices on the plan Telus since 2013. Never dreamed that an iPhone 6s would still be locked as it is long paid for. Anyhow ... I had no choice but to do the time ... 1.75 hours on hold to have an agent unlock the phone. Our local store screen calls with an answering machine so I left a message on Friday.  No one has returned my call. I am not going to miss this !