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How rude can a Telus telemarketer be?

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RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!! Just received a call from 604.344.2384, someone (Zack) claim to be calling from Telus and trying to sell me mobile service on my Bell work phone. I told the guy the phone number he is calling is a work phone and I have no decision making over what carrier my company use. And I ask the guy to have my number remove from his call list because I receive Telus telemarketing call almost every 2 weeks.

He then moves on and try selling me on personal phone and I told him I don't have/need a personal phone. He said "You don't have a personal phone and you have a work phone? You have a problem." He repeated a few time that not having a personal phone is wrong / a problem.

That's rude!!! 

Hey Telus, what quality should your telemarketer has?



Community Power User
Community Power User

That's not a Telus number. There is a very good chance that was a scammer you were talking to pretending to be from Telus and had a fake number showing on call display.

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There is absolutely no need to converse with these scammers. Just hang up and save yourself the aggravation. The longer you stay on the line the more opportunity you give them to upset you.