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Email or live chat with a real person account management

Just Moved In

We are in Belize and have already suspended (vacation) our phone numbers. We need to speak with a Telus Rep but we just keep getting the bot or a call back option on the chat, which we cannot use while in belize. We need to make some phone calls and believe that roaming is not an option in belize, Therefore, we want to set up call and sms forwarding. How can we speak to a rep when we don't have phones. is there a live/ real person chat? or an email?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Belize is included as a Telus Easy Roam destination.

You can also chat with Telus from a computer (doesn’t seem to work on mobile) from the link in the Contact Us section at the page bottom, or contact them on Twitter at #TELUSSupport.

To my knowledge Telus does not offer SMS forwarding, and international call forwarding, if available, would become very expensive.


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