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Credit Report

Just Moved In

I’m not really sure what to say here. I grew up in B.C. Had a Telus cell account for 13 years, internet and a land line way back when. I left B.C. In 2014, and put my cell # of 13 years on hold/ dormant. When I returned, 6 months later, my # had be sold prematurely to a monthly customer. I promptly moved to another carrier, and dissolved my Canadian # shortly there after.I keep a good eye on my credit scores in both Canada and the USA.

Jump forward to March.2024, I checked my credit report, and according to Trans Union, Telus reported me as Owing $1540.00 in 2020 for a 2015 bill? I have contacted Trans Union to dispute this, they sent me a letter informing me that Telus has been confirmed to be reporting correctly, and that I need to contact the creditor directly to dispute further. They gave me the last 4 digits of the the account. When I have contacted Telus on 4 separate occasions, they informed me the last 4 digits are not enough information to get to the bottom of this, that I should call Trans Union and on and on. Neither companies have an answer for me. Here’s the thing, I haven’t lived in Canada for 10 years, this only showed up on my Canadian credit report in 2020, neither Telus or Trans Union can tell me why there is a $1540.00 stain on my credit report. Recently while visiting Canada I went and spoke to a helpful young man at a kiosk in Nelson B.C, to ask for help in this situation, he recommended I state my case here. Can Anyone Please tell me how to contact a higher up at Telus, to figure out what the hell this is all about.


Frustrated not knowing and completely chapped!

Thank you 




Hey Kelly, I can try to look into this. Can you please send me a message?