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Calls dropping

Just Moved In
I have iPhone 12. The past few months my calls have been dropping more and more. I’ve contacted apple. They ran diagnostics etc. I’ve updated to most recent ios. Telus replaced the SIM card and it continues to happen. I’ve noticed the other day. Anytime the phone switches from LTE to 3G mid call (I don’t even have to move locations) it drops the call and I get a call failed notification. Anyone else have this issue?

Community Power User
Community Power User

That typically would mean you're in an area with quite poor signal. Either a fair distance from a tower or you've got something environmental causing interference like being in a basement or a structure with a lot of metal in it. My iPhone 12 hasn't been dropping calls at all. Do you experience the problem in mainly one location like at home, or is it happening in multiple locations? Do you have wifi calling enabled as well?

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It happens in multiple areas including town and places I’ve never had issues before. It is happening in and around my home where there have never been problems before and my wifi calling is not enabled.

i'm having the same issue with my Pixel5.  for a number of months calls are dropping and getting worse.  I have issues connecting to the network in places i never had problems in before.