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Bring it back

Just Moved In
Hello Telus. I am having a real struggle to get a Bring it Back shipping label. Here is the situation:
I bought a new phone on the Telus website. I received it on Monday 24th July. I have activated the new phone.

I need to return my old phone by mail under the bring it back plan. I was supposed to automatically receive a shipping label by email but it has not arrived. It is not in my email inbox or my spam folder (i check both, hourly). In my Telus account my email address is correct. I get emails from Telus all the time.

I have spoken to support 5 times about this but the label still has not arrived. (Please review all the notes in my file).

Please send me the shipping label. It's just an email!
If you don't send me the shipping label I will escalate up the chain at Telus whilst at the same time posting my problem on social media.

I have been a loyal Telus customer for 20+ years. I am a senior living on a low fixed income. Please email me the shipping label otherwise I'll be stuck with a $250 charge that I can't afford.



Hello @GM2 , the people here won't be able to assist you since they'll need to be able to access your Telus account in order to review this process. I'm sure they'll find a solution and send you the shipping label you need. 1-866-558-2273 or *611 from your mobile device to call them.

SuperFred, I have had 4 lengthy and completely unproductive calls over the course of a week on the numbers you provided. Something is broken at Telus. I need to escalate my problem, but how?

@GM2, I sent you a DM with instructions to get you a call back from higher up within a few business days.