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Bring it Back Program - a scam behind the scenes?

In response to someone’s post similar to my issue. I ordered an iPhone 15 pro online via the app and didn’t get a shipping label either. After thorough searching I read that I was to pack my phone and go to a Canada post with the QR code I had in the app and the Canada post person will print off the label. That part worked fine except when my phone was assessed. It was assessed as missing or broken parts and I now owe over $300 for a iPhone 12 that was in mint condition when I sent it. I phoned Telus and told them I am disputing the assessment and I want my old phone back. The agent was understanding and gave me the benefit of the doubt but she would have to call me back as they had no policies in place to deal with such issues!! Two things; it’s been a week since I’ve waited for the call back and now I’m on the phone on hold for another hour - why is there no policy yet on disputes over assessment on the bring it back device program?? And how do I know or how does Telus not know I’m if I’m not being scammed by the third party that assessed my phone?? Both my husband and son followed the same process but online through the website, they got a shipping label, and got the assessment amount they were quoted. My phone was in better condition then theirs. I will never trust the bring it back program again. And if in your case you can’t even return it to a Telus store then this program is useless. Spread the word. I certainly will be starting with the media

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I’m in the same boat - considering going to Global. They didn’t send the waybill to return my iPhone 12 and sent me a defective iPhone 14 Pro but now I have to wait for waybill by email to return it before they will give me a working phone. It’s been over 24 hours and still no email and it’s been over a week for my email for the iPhone 12 nothing ever comes and they keep blaming me but the Telus store member isn’t getting the email on my behalf either!

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Community Manager

Hello, just following up on this. Have you been able to get in touch with our Mobility team to discuss this?

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I’ve spent hours in chat not resolved yet.
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I talked to Josef and after a day long investigation on his end he came back and told me I have to email [email protected], which I did last Friday but have not heard anything back.
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I just tried that email to try to get a similar issue resovled, and it is not valid.  I there anyone who has a working aaddress?

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Same situation. 

Interesting little scam they have for a loyal customer that fulfilled a contract. 

Luckily for me it was just a very long slow internal process - some stress and concern for me because of lack of update / information.

But in the end, their internal process was successfully completed, and luckily, they credited the "return" in the month before they debited the "balance"!  Just the way one would hope the process should work 🙂