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Are online orders of new devices being delivered?

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I recently ordered a Google Pixel 4 from the website, the order was placed and I received the confirmation via email with the new contract, billing breakdown, etc.


The order took place on March 21st and it said the delivery would take 5-7 business days. Technically, it has up until tomorrow to arrive to land within this window of time (although it has been 9 days total since ordering). So I'm still hopeful it could arrive tomorrow.


However, after the first 5 business days, I looked over the confirmation email and it said a tracking number would be sent to me once the device is shipped, and I have yet to receive a tracking number. Should I be worried?


I'm going to wait until tomorrow to call them, as I'm sure the wait will be long and even if I were talking to someone, they would tell me to wait one more day. 


Any insight would be great. Thanks.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Nothing has been announced indicating online orders are not being processes, however, there is likely a major slowdown as Telus attempts to meet it's COVID-19 staff safety goals. I would expect the 5 - 9 business days cannot be met under current circumstances.



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I've had similar happen a couple of times. Day before deadline tracking numbers were issued with devices arriving next day... Only live 4.5 hrs from where they were shipped from. If memory serves, devices are shipped via Purolator so maybe you'll be lucky but, pandemic is causing delays more and more.