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wifi booster with wifi 6 hub/nah


I am told by the tech that came by to upgrade my old ac gateway to the nah and the wifi hub that my old telus booster will not work anymore with the new equipment and proceed to take away all 3 of my booster including 2 of them that i paid for with my previous telus account telling me they are useless now anyways with the new wifi 6 equipment.. well my downstairs have no wifi signal at all coz the wifi 6 hub signal ain't penetrating downstairs and i no longer have any of the boosters and the NAH doesn't have wifi so they had to install a 2nd wifi hub and charging me $168 for it... 


here's my question... why wouldn't the telus booster work with the nah/wifi 6 hub? sure if i want to connect them wirelessly to the wifi 6 hub it probably won't work?? but if i hardwire a ethernet cable to the wifi booster.. then it should work no?? my friend still have his wifi booster working even though he switched to shaw and just use a hardwire ethernet cable to the boosters.. so technically these booster should work with any modem/gateway if you hardwire them... so am i tripping to think that the tech have no clue what he's talking about and i'm getting screwed over to pay for an extra wifi hub?


customer service told me they are only responsible for providing internet to the NAH how u get the internet to end point ie your computers etc is not their repsonsibility. Even though i had it working before with telus equipment with the wifi booster etc to get wifi throughout the house and now they took away all my boosters and have a wifi hub in the furthest point of the house next to the tv away from everything else. and charging me extra for another wifi 6 hub just to get internet downstairs.


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Please check my reply to your comment in a different topic. I didn't know you were considering only having one WiFi6 booster, but yes you can connect the old boosters to a MoCa device and they will get an IP which in turn gives you internet access when connected to their SSID. I'm not sure how you go about changing the boosters configuration (name, password, etc.), as I never tried to access my old boosters through the NAH IP portal. Maybe the NAH doesn't recognize them and shows as just another IP connected or maybe it does recognize them. You'll have to find out once you get there.

I believe I can change them using the my Telus app coz that’s what I’m using right now to change the wifi 6 hubs because they are not showing in the NAH config page it’s just showing the NAH with a bunch of Ethernet device connected the 2 wifi 6 hub network included I have no access to change the wifi or anything in any of the tabs/settings.. I mean I don’t need or have a use for the old wifi booster because I have 2 wifi 6 hubs.. but that’s only because they took away all my existing wifi booster telling me it won’t work and then make me pay $168 for a second wifi 6 booster.. when I technically could have used my existing wifi booster and pay nothing.. not to mention the guy took away the switch they provided earlier and when he could have literally take the cable that’s hardwired to the old booster previously from the switch directly into the hub.. some techs are really knowledgeable some have no idea what they are doing.. they really need to test the tech on product knowledge. Let see if they’ll waive the charge for the 2nd booster.. or they will want to waste money to send another tech out to return my booster that I paid for at a previous address

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Hopefully you get to keep the better 2nd AX booster. Telus has your own boosters at the moment, but I'm not sure if they are willing to waive the fee for the new booster instead of returning your property and charging for the new one. I'll try to answer your questions from this and the other thread.

1. I mentioned you can connect AX boosters directly through coax, and you asked if any coax will work. Answer is depends which coax outlets in your home you are 100% sure are connected to the splitter that's being fed by the coax coming from the NAH MoCa output. If you are familiar with your coax cabling at home you either know the answer or can find out by looking at the splitter inside your media box or outside your house in a big ugly gray plastic box on the wall. If you know a specific coax is being fed by the NAH then yes, you can connect it directly to the built-in or standalone MoCa. The media (low voltage) cabling inside your walls are just like really long extension cords. You just have to make sure they are properly connected on both ends to their intended hardware.

2. I forgot to mention before that both your old AC boosters and the new AX boosters can be manually configured by going directly to their IP address portal. The IP at the back of the booster, especially the older model may not work, so you have to check the NAH portal for the specific IP address assigned to that specific booster and open it in a new tab on your browser. Then sign in with the credentials at the back of that specific booster like lower case "admin" plus the password of that specific booster.

For example, since you have the NAH you just go to "" on your browser > sign in with username "admin" plus NAH password > scroll down to "Devices" and click on the number or purple button on top right corner > on the new menu that popped up click on "EasyMesh", and you will see a list of "Controllers" which are your WiFi 6/AX boosters > on the right side of the list you'll see "IPv4 Address" hyperlinked, so you can simply click on each IP to open each AX booster own configuration portal.

The old slim AC boosters are not EasyMesh compatible if I remember correctly (you can check if you get them back). Regardless, you can still configure them by finding them under the "Devices List" on that same Devices menu. Once you identify them on the list just do the same thing as with the AX boosters by opening their respective IPv4 address on a new tab and sign in with the admin password at the back of the AC booster.

AX boosters also show under Devices List with the name Boost2-xxxx (last 4 characters of MAC address, but of course these are easier to access through the EasyMesh menu.