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WIFI app showing my router is offline & none of the boosters are showing up.

Just Moved In

Previous Owner cancelled his 1G account and I applied for a new one.

Upon activation, initially I was able to see my router on the WIFI App but none of the booster.

Called the TELUS helpdesk and confirmed all the boosters are working but just not showing up on the app.

However, all the sudden my WIFI app is now telling me the router is offline as well.

However, I am still able to see all the devices on this supposedly offline system?

I am using an iPhone 12 and I already reinstalled the app three times with no prevail.



Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus frequently updates the app and it's not always for the better. The latest IOS version I have doesn't see my booster or display the top wi-fi traffic devices. The previous version showed my router offline when it wasn't. This resolved itself eventually so possibly something in Telus infrastructure isn't working as expected.


so...another words: all I can do is sit and wait and hopefully the app will catch up?


lol man...