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Certain sites/apps not connecting

I recently had a tech upgrade our home from T3200M and wifi boosters to NH20A with wifi 6 boosters. Browsing seems generally ok although a couple of drops however the main issue is around apps and sites that require a login. These show as an error message like “We cant seem to find an internet connection” while I am browsing just fine on the same network at the same time.
I have tried the following fault finding:
Different browsers - fault is still present
Different devices (Windows versus Mac, cell, tablet etc.) - fault is still present
Hardwire versus wifi - fault is still present
Turning off wifi and accessing via cellular - issue is resolved.

I even have to be on cellular connection to be able to post in here as it requires a login!

I checked the firewall settings on the NH20A and it’s showing as ‘High’ and nothing ticked in the ‘Traffic In’ column.

Engineer was meant to be here yesterday but was a no-show.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Blairforce1 - it's certainly strange. Can you try rebooting the modem and if that doesn't work doing a factory reset on it?


- Eric

Currently have a tech investigating. Resolved the blocking by doing some Telus backend stuff and switching some gear out and switching splitters. Just trying to resolve speed issues now. Getting good download but very low upload speeds.

Thanks for the update. If you have a tech looking into the issue then I will take a step back and let them do their thing