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tv apps stalling

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I'm new to Telus and am extremely unhappy with constant interruptions while watching TV. I have called Telus tech support multiple times, spend literally hours on hold, and am still having issues. I live in White Rock BC...anyone else having similar issues?

Community Power User
Community Power User

Can you elaborate on what you mean by constant interruptions? 

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


Are you on fiber or 5G?

This is what happens to me a lot, is that what you mean by interruptions:


This happens several times during a show, sometimes it recovers, other times I have to reboot the modem. Update: On a hunch, I picked up a Roku - the issue has gone away! So it's more of an issue with my Samsung TV. #waitingforfiber


I was having similar issues - TV screen would freeze in the middle of a show and would have to unplug the box to reset. Nothing for a couple of weeks now. I'm in Calgary.


Update on my issue - turns out it is more of an issue with my Samsung TV and 5G!  I picked up a Roku Express 4K - and streaming on it is just fine.  In case anyone is interested, I have a 65" 2019 Q60R 4K Smart QLED TV.  I tried wifi and direct connect with a lan cable.