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"Voice mail msg via phone company" is on the phone.


We do not have telus voice mail.

It is a landline

Who else has this problem?

Telus say call back during regular business hours but do not say when they are.

Is telus now closed on weekdays?




@Anon125  Google telus support hours are 9-5 mon - fri -----technical support 24/7.  You have to select what service you want.

Tech support seems to be a useless bot

@Anon125  Try this  ------  Google ------TELUS HOME SERVICE SOLUTIONS ------ help for phone ---tv ----internet ----- security... ----------  find what you want from the big menu there ........


Is the problem you are having related to your land line phone  indicating there is TELUS voice mail for you?


I have experienced this problem with my Panasonic phone and I had to reset the phone to clear the message.  It was a pansonic problem not a TELUS problem


TELUS HOME SERVICE SOLUTIONS  does not get anything usuable


we reset the panasonic message but it comes back right away.



If you hear a regular dial tone when you pick up the phone then the issue is related to the  phone,


Have a look at this


been there, done that. comes back right away

If you have a regular dial tone then , not the dial tone associated with message waiting then there is a problem with your phone. Not something telus can fix.


You may have to see what other forums are available for your specific phone.

Telus say they did it.

no surprise there