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Xplornet blocking Telus emails


I live in the mountains and have no other choice for internet except Xplornet. After years of frustration I finally got it figured out. Xplornet blocks my outgoing emails that have attached to them. This is their way of traffic management on their satellite, the support technicians do not know a thing about this as its done at a very high level in the company. I have had to change my email address's to gmail in order to skirt the issue.

Doe anyone else use Xplornet in conjunction with telus?




Have you been migrated to Gmail by Telus yet? If not, having a valid Gmail address already will make it easier. Small consolation, but that is kind of the way it works. 

Yes I just changed all my emails to Gmail and everything works great

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

@Golden are you trying to send to addresses or is it blocking your email account with TELUS?

blocking my outgoing mail from my telus account (outlook), I can receive emails from but not send. I can send using Gmail etc.

What do you mean by "blocking"?

Do you get an error during sending or there is no error and the recipient never gets it?

Any email ending in can not be sent, the error message says that the encryption is wrong, it just means that Xplornet is blocking the message to control email traffic.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I highly doubt xplorenet is blocking telus emails and is more likely a setting in your email client. Log on to the webmail client send an email that way.