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Wifi keeps dropping

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We recently go telus wifi. We have noticed when playing video games or on video calls the wifi will drop out and not work for a couple seconds and then come back as if nothing has happened. Is there any way to fix this? We've tried restarting the router but that doesn't seem to help at all. Any answers?


How do you know it's the WiFi and not the other end of the video call or game server? Does your device indicate WiFi was disconnected?

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It's abnormal to be dropping consistently. I would look at potential things that could be blocking signal. Everyday things like device positioning in relation to things like fish tanks, microwaves etc can interfere with signals within the house. Less common issues could be the result of cement walls, tin siding or roof, or reflecting coating on windows or mirrors. You could try installing a scanner on your PC and see what it detects for signal line of sight/strength. There could also always be issues with the TELUS side of things as well, if you suspect that is the case I suggest you call in to the help desk (611) for more options. 

You can learn more here:


If range or distortion is the issue you can get extenders here: 

In this video, I will talk about five factors affecting wireless signals: absorption, reflection, diffraction, scattering, and interference. Please leave comments, questions and Please subscribe to my channel Many thanks, Sunny Classroom