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Wifi Issues - Too many devices on one access point?


I currently have the gigabit fibre plan. All my wired devices have no issues and run full speed.  However, I get intermittent drops in my wifi connection speed across multiple devices.  Right now my cellphone is showing wifi connection speed of 6Mbps when it can normally hover around 700Mbps. I doubt it's a range issue as I'm sitting right next to the modem. I also have the modem in a pretty central part of the house so every devices shows pretty much full signal strength. There are about 9 or so devices than can be connected to the wifi, a couple cell phones, 2 ipads, 1 smart tv, 1 tv box and a couple of my parents downstairs computers.


I have tried resetting the devices and resetting the Modem. Resetting sort of helps but the issues keep coming back. My modem is a T3200m.  I do have a boost starter pack but have not even unboxed it yet. Should I give the booster pack a try and try spreading my devices across multiple access points?




I ended up contacting Telus support. They restarted the fibre modem and also factory reset the T3200m modem a few hours ago. So far my cell phone is still showing over 700Mbps connection so hopefully the factory reset is all that was needed. Nobody else in the house is complaining that their internet isn't working yet.


If it happens again I'll setup my boost wifi kit and see if I can distribute the load among a couple more access points.

When your devices show a slow link speed is it on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

Do you have Smart Steering on or off?

Smart Steering is enabled.

I did set my phone to manually steer to 5Ghz so I assume that was still on 5Ghz that at the time. 


Crossing fingers. I haven't had those drops yet since we factory reset the modem.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Forcing your phone on to 5GHz could cause problems when Smart Steering is enabled. Smart Steering basically makes the gateway switch between 2.4 and 5GHz depending on conditions. If it switches back to 2.4, your phone may have issues. First thing I did with my T3200 was disable Smart Steering so I have two separate networks. That solved a lot of headaches for me.

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Good to know. 


I might try that next should this happen again.


I just forced my phone onto the 5ghz so that I would have the best speed when using Steam Link over the wireless, but kept smart steering enabled to have 1 ssid so i didn't have to reconnect all the devices in the house. My parents downstairs have a few devices on the wifi plus my kids devices etc... couldn't be bothered, haha


Since my modem has been factory reset I've left the settings on default for now.