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Wifi 5G Issues


I have been recently having issues with 5G connection for my wifi.  Previously never had an issues with my device connecting and syncing together.  

Just one day over night is all change as of July 27.  

Now all devices (3 google homes, 2 computers (work and person), iPad, iPhone, and apple TV) do not stay connected.  Im not longer able to play music on the google devices with is synced across all three.  Or one or more will drop or all just stop playing often.  Sometime my other devices are doing the same  connected and then not connected.  Or they will be connected but say no internet available and not pull any data.  Once and while the my network does not even show up in the list of possible connections and i can be standing right next to the modem.  


Any idea what might be causing this or how to over come it?


I have done modem resent, changed the channel. and my modem has been replaced.  



I had the not staying connected issue with my iPhone. I tried many things and finally discovered that if I connect my iPhone to the 2.4 GHz network instead of the 5G, it stays connected. I have not had the problem with other wireless PC and Android devices. They are still on 5G.