Weird problem with parental controls disappearing on T3200M


I'm trying to use the parental controls on the T3200M.


Looking in the "Advanced Settings" screen, the menu item on the left for parental controls was not there at all.


The admin home screen showed "Filtering/Blocking: Disabled", so I contacted Telus Support and they suggested resetting the router to factory settings. We reset the router and the home screen changed to "Filtering/Blocking: Enabled", and the parental controls menu item in the advanced settings was available.


I fiddled with it for a bit, only to come back the next morning and find that it had gone back to "Disabled" and the parental controls menu item disappeared again. No way to enable it. Super frustrating!


Anyone know what's happening here? How can I get access to parental controls?


(No one else would be messing with it, my kids aren't old enough to know what a router is)




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The same thing happened to me just today!! I logged on and out several times and turned the modem off and on. Nothing. Called tech support and they did a factory reset. I have it back now but this is often telus' common fix for almost everything. It's frustrating because it knocks out all the parental controls etc. Resetting modem should be a last resort, not the first solution.
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The parental controls have disappeared once again, even after the factory reset. This is now the second time in less than a week. I just spoke with tech support again and she said this is the first time they've ever heard of it and nobody has reported this issue before! So I guess jujubehead and my report didn't count! Anybody else's parental controls disappeared in their GUI advanced setup?