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Why would I want to choose Fiber over a faster cable connection?

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I currently have an existing Internet 15 connection with Telus. I'm supposed to get fibre installed around November and I'm just wondering why I would want to choose Fiber over this offer I just received from a competing ISP. Right now I pay $55 a month for 15 Mbp/s down and this offer will give me 500 Mbp/s down for $79/month for two years. When fiber is installed, will my internet speed dramatically increase at no extra cost? Cause how does that work y'know? Once the line is changed to pure fiber I'm still at that Internet 15 plan so do I get upgraded to like Internet 75 or am I still capped at 15 Mbp/s down once the pure fiber is installed? Cause then I don't really see the point or how it would benefit me since apparently pure fiber increases the maximum download and upload speed but I don't really need a high upload speed or very low latency. My use case is just downloading 100 GB games and watching stuff at 1080p and so I'm wondering - for my use case - should I take this deal? If not, why should I continue to stay with Telus? I understand I'm going to get some biased answers since I'm posting on a Telus forums so I hope I could get some factual information to help me make a decision.





@RabbitChocoPunch  I had 15 on copper moved to fiber for better net and mainly because of telephone noise bad in wet weather good for a while then start all over. Moved up to 25/25 for a 300 monthly cap 150 cap on 15  was was going over 10 months of the year. Telus prices have stayed fairly stable over the years compared to others. The signal is solid and the 3200 router works well for us. And yes a 2 year contract. Very satisfied with price and service. This fiber to the house not fiber to the node like other providers. Polecat

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If you are happy with you plan then stay with it.


I'm still on copper with a 75/15 plan and it's more than adequate for my needs.


Having fibre installed will give you more options down the road should you feel you need more bandwidth/data.


Your plan should be grandfathered until such time as you change it.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

@FuzzyLogic  Mine change was of the phone noise problems now my wife can enjoy calls to germany with  crystal  clear talking without who what when eh again i will call later. A lot of service calls over the years now good. Being older this is nice not to much time left to talk to relatives. Polecat