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Why does Lower Mount Royal (Calgary) not yet Telus Fiber?


I'm wondering if anyone knows Lower Mount Royal in Calgary does not yet Telus Fiber installed?  Upper Mount Royal installed Fiber 1-2 years ago and the immediate community beside (Beltline) also have Telus Fiber.  The distribution network building is located in Lower Mount Royal and it has significant density with many 4-6 story buildings offering decent scaling of services compared to the detached homes in Upper Mount Royal.   


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Community Power User

Two reasons come to mind:

The City of Calgary has not been proactive in approving installation of fibre.

Multifamily dwellings can be difficult to service either because of reluctance of owners to contract with Telus, or physical difficulties for the installation of infrastructure.


Either of these issues can mean it is simpler to install elsewhere.

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@DTelus  Like you say  a lot of multi story multi unit buildings. The owner of those buildings would have to pay to wire fiber into the units and owner doesn't to pay the cost. Telus as far as i know does not do inside wiring in strata condos. In new construction the owner pays to have tel and internet and  tv installed. They choose who they want in the building. At one time telus wired your house for nothing----- then started charging ----- now does not go past the outside wall of your house' Telus did rare surveys for interest for fiber install not enough interest the area was not supplied with the fiber. Not enough customers no money in it.

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Actually Telus wires MDUs for free. That includes strata condos. All the building owner or condo board has to do is fill out the form on Telus's site.

PureFibre FAQs

What does it cost to get PureFibre?

Upgrading to the TELUS PureFibre network won’t cost building owners or residents anything. We’ll provide all infrastructure, design consultation and wiring installation to each suite. That means, for no additional cost, you’ll have access to the best technology, now and in the future.

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