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When will fibre optics come to Edgewater

Just Moved In
We are in a town of almost 500 people and we have the crappiest internet ever. When will fibre optics be available? We are going to switch to starlink soon if nothing gets done and I will be able to convince other people as well.


@Jennifercgraham Wrote: When will fibre optics be available?


Telus does not publish their planned rollout of Fibre. The earliest info you are likely to see will be promotional materials in your mailbox, or roving salespeople, or perhaps you will see Telus service trucks in your area...


I believe this is the tool that Telus utilizes for address determination. you may want to check there for updates regarding your address...


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How do we get them to update our area faster? My husband desperately needs this for his job. The only option for faster internet is starlink and we are very tempted to switch.