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Telus support for email?

You can forget about getting any technical assistance from Telus with regards to the new email system. I tried the listening to music phone call routine, only to be connected with someone who did not have the technical knowledge to address the issue. I do not fault the individual attempting to provide support, I fault Telus, who seems to have abandoned all responsibility for the Telus email system. When I elevated the issues that I had with the system, here is the response I received: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hello John, Thank you for contacting TELUS directly via e-mail. My name is Kim and I'll be happy to assist you. We understand your concern towards the TELUS email powered by Google issue. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. To assist you, please know that our channel does not specialize with the technicalities of our services and we highly recommend that you contact our main line of support that is highly trained and knowledgeable in resolving technical difficulties being encountered by most of our customers. I sincerely apologize if I am unable to route this email to them, as they do not have an email support. You may reach our Technical Department by calling 1-855-595-5588, press options for technical on fibre services to further investigate and discuss the details of this matter and our representative would be happy to assist you as they're the one who handles any account related inquiry for Fibre services. Please know, the best time to call them is early in the morning or late in the evening to prevent long wait times during the peak hours. Schedule: Monday to Friday from 07:30 AM to 08:00 PM PST. Saturday & Sunday - 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM PST Have a nice day John and thank you for using TELUS online service. Best regards, Kim Home Services e.Care Specialist TELUS ------------------------------------------------------------- You can form your own opinion, but it seems quite obvious to me that Telus wants to abandon any responsibility for the new email system. J.A. Coutts

Community Power User
Community Power User

So, did you call the number? Although it is a bit of a kludge, and the initial CSR should have put you through to the Fibre Technical Services team, you have been provided contact info for the correct department.


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As I explained, the phone call did not do the job. It was not the helpers fault; he simply did not have the technical knowledge of how Gmail worked internally. In an attempt to get to a more technical person, I escalated the issue on Feb. 11, 2021. The response I got was "In regards to your email, unfortunately we cannot offer a callback from our Technical Support at this time". So on Feb. 19, I responded to the email complaining about the lack of support. This time I got a callback, but once again the helper did not have the technical knowledge to address the issues, and said she would have to get back to me. Through a trail & error process, I was finally able to resolve the 2 remaining issues, and on Feb. 27 sent the results back to Telus for their information, thanking them for doing nothing. J.A. Coutts PS. I am not sure why this web site leaves out all the Carriage Returns.