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Telus Wifi Hub replacing T3200

Just Moved In

Just received a Telus WIFI Hub in the mail.

Current setup is T3200 and 4 Boost units.


The T3200 lives on the main floor, connected to the ONT in the garage via an ethernet cable coming from the wall.

The coax for the OptikTV boxes connects to the T3200.


Attempted to connect the Wifi Hub to replace the T3200, but realized that it won't run off the ethernet connected to the ONT, unless I'm missing something.


The only issue with connecting the Hub directly to the ONT, is how would I go about wiring the coax to the Hub???



Community Power User
Community Power User

Only one port on the ONT is active so you'll need to ensure you're using port 1 on the ONT and connecting it to the WAN port on the Wifi Hub. That would be the same way the T3200 was connected. 


As for coax, if the T3200 had the coax directly connected to it, mirror that on the wifi hub. The wifi hub should have a coax port on it. The one that won't have the coax is the Wifi6 box. If you have that one, it won't replace the T3200M. It'll act as an access point instead like the Boosts.

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Was there any luck?