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Telus Scam

Just Moved In
I got a call today from a sales agent saying they are from Telus, and they are running promotion to switch internet and mobility . The promotion deals for 2 year contract. They said they will pay for contract cancellation fees for Shaw. I am a customer of Telus Security. They said Telus security is a separate department. They also had detailed information on Telus apps etc.

They were saying 145/month for 2Gigabit and 25/month for 25GB 5G mobile plan.
Then they said there is a $100 deposit for the Wifi 6 router and a $100 sim activation fee. Or pay for the Wifi6 router for $1099. They said the initial deposits will be refunded on your first bill. Then he texted me the link to pay this fees. Which is odd. The text is below. Its international money transfer. So I cancelled it. They were calling from a number with name id: 1 (866) 558-2273.
This is a highly sophisticated scam from in Telus’s name:

“Welcome to E-Chat support of TELUS COMMUNICATION.

As per our conversation to pay your router security deposit and sim card activation fee with our promotion partner WISE financing amount 201.27$ the link is as below:

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for flagging this. Unfortunately with call spoofing, fraudulent callers can make it appear that they're calling from genuine numbers. You did the right thing here!