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Telus Pure Fibre Service Map

Just Moved In


  I am looking at moving and was wondering if Telus had a map of communities in calgary where pure fibre is available since having good and multiple internet connections is required for my work.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Unfortunately there isn't a map like that available. The only option I know of is if you are planning on moving to an area, just put a few house addresses from that area into the search tool on Telus's website. I'd think that a majority of Calgary will be fibre capable but there can still be areas that aren't. If you're considering a condo or apartment, properties that are already upgraded will show up in the address search.


It is possible to have a condo (all types including bareland condos) or apartment in an area that has fibre which does not have fibre run to the units. The board / building owners would have to request and approve the whole building be upgraded for fibre before the building/complex would be wired up internally with fibre.

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@Robert_Palmer  For myself i wood ask the real estate company if fibre is available. To make sure i would go to the neighborhood and ring a few door bells  if they are using telus fibre or shaw. Only way to 100 % sure. To late after the sale you will get no timeline on fibre from telus.