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Telus Online Gaming Rural

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Hiya Telus community.

So I have had ADSL in Lumby BC a rural area since 2011. I've started to looking into upgrading my service again after 8 years.

I currently have a plan called internet six(6mbps down/ less then 1mbps up). It has never been a plan that I would recommend to anyone for online gaming. Works for one device.

I have a NAT type 2 which is the best feature of the plan with an Aciontec gateway device.

I only need Internet for heavy or chronic use of online console gaming. I probably go over 500gb in bandwith usage or data every single month.

Is it possible to upgrade to a LTE Smart hub service and still have a NAT type 2 for Online conse gaming?

Is there another ADSL provider or Telus plan for Lumby that will achieve 15mbps or less?(greater than 6 mbps)

I have heard great things about the Telus Smart Hub for download/upload speeds but a NAT type 3 is a deal-breaker for me.

An example of my pain is a full 80gb ps4 game will take greater than 72 hours downloading without interuption or using the internet for anything else at 6mbps. A 3gb patch can take 6 or more hours. I have lived with this for 8 years and is very frustrating

Sincerely, Dionysus.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The likely limitation for speed in Lumby is the age of the infrastructure or your distance from the central office in town. You may get lucky and Telus may expand fibre out there since it's already in Vernon but we have no way to tell when or if that will occur. I would recommend getting everyone you can in town to fill out this form:


In terms of gaming, I'd think the LTE Smart Hub would have higher latency than the DSL connection does. Whether or not you'd be able to get it there I don't know. Others have had mixed experiences using the Smart Hub for gaming, especially for consoles.

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