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Telus My home concerns

My landlord rents a basement to me, but refused to get a 2nd service installed in my rental for my own internet plan. The solution was the wifi smart hub. Despite my issues with them unplugging my wifi daily (accident or otherwise) I downloaded the Telus app to monitor my wifi to ensure only myself is using my internet. When I loaded up the app & attempted to view my wifi nothing was the same as what came with my router (I.e Network name / IP address / serial number) could this be the whole hub? Is it possible to place restrictions & monitor my own without disrupting theirs?


If you are renting the basement, many city bylaws will state that it legally needs to have a separate (B) address with a safe fire exit. If you have a "B" appended to the mail you receive at your address the landlord is doing it right.. this means you can get your own Telus hooked up downstairs.


If you've got access to the modem itself, resetting it will also reset all of the login information. Not sure how stable your rental agreement is if you want to start messing around with your landlords stuff... If there are outages due to power offer to put a cheap battery backup for them, as they would be experiencing them as well.


Unfortunately as long as someone else is administering your Internet setup you are at the mercy of both their knowledge and generosity.