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Telus 2.5 Gbps PureFibre X - what are people's experiences?

Just Moved In

I upgraded last week to PureFibre X from my old PureFibre 1 Gbps service.   I had an ActionTec 3200M + Alcatel/Lucent ONT.  


Here's what I received from the tech

 - Nokia ONT with a single NBase-T RJ45 port (capable of 1 Gbps, 2.5 Gbps, 5 Gbps, and 10 Gbps)

 - That's it.   


I happened to have an Orbi RBR50 Wifi 6 mesh hub with a 2.5 Gbps WAN port, so we hooked the ONT into that with Cat 6, and the Actiontec 3200m was in turn wired into that (to manage my STBs).   This way I verified with Speedtest that the speed is as advertised, we saw 2.3Gbps up & down.    


I also purchased the inexpensive ($170 CAD) Qnap 1105 5-port 2.5 Gbps ethernet hub, and verified it works fine to get an extra wired connection at the 2.5Gbps speeds, though I'd need a a router outside of the Orbi if I wanted that connection on my internal network.    


Is Telus going to be providing gear capable of using these speeds?  Telus is marketing PureFibre X with the new Telus Wifi 6 hub have, has anybody received it, is it any better than the Arcadyan Wifi 5 unit, does it have any 2.5 Gbps LAN ports?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee
The 2.5Gb service does come with hardware that can support the higher speeds. The new Network Access Hub and Boost Wi-Fi 6 devices are designed for the service. I would suggest trying them out to see how they compare to your Orbi devices.

The Hub does have a 10G Ethernet port available that will allow you to connect with capable hardware.




I would be interested in knowing just what model of Nokia ONT Telus installed? Pictures would be great if your so inclined to attach them...


I suspect that the SFP+ module must be removable from the unit is that an accurate assessment as well....


Look to future proof my network install, and wanted to make sure that I don't make and error on the headend equipment that I currently have installed here...


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