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PureFibre 1.5Gbps install experiences/ hardware


Has anyone upgraded to the 1.5Gbps PureFibre recently? I have the older ONT connected to Telus Modem/Router setup and they came to install SFP+ today. However, the Telus support couldn't get the SFP+ to provision correctly and it actually resulted in slower speeds. Tech was amazing and did everything right but tech support was very difficult.


Now tech support is saying we need to get rid of POTS service with new home hub. As well, we need to run the 1.5Gbps on the ONT connected to the T3200. Would the cat 6 cable support 1.5Gbps between the two though?

Anyone else have similar issues?


Community Power User
Community Power User

The T3200 and the home hub only have gigabit ports last I checked. You also won't get the full 1.5gbps on any one device due to the gigabit ports. I don't know if the port on the ONT is gigabit only or not. If it is, the SFP may need to be installed in the T3200/Home hub to get up to the max speed. The installer that you had may be able to confirm exactly the best setup for your end.


From the PureFibre 1.5 page terms:


Maximum speeds require optimal network conditions on a wired connection. Internet access speeds may vary
depending on location, usage within the home network, internet traffic, user device capability, applicable
network management or server configurations. Maximum aggregate download speed is 1,500 Mbps. Maximum speeds
are not achievable using a single device. Concurrent data streams may be required to access maximum speeds
(i.e. 3 or more devices running at 500 Mbps each at the same time).


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