T3200M device names


I have 7 devices connect to a 8 port switch that is then directly connect to a LAN port on the T3200M and approximately 7-8 wireless devices via wifi as well as 2 other devices connected directly to the LAN ports on the T3200M. Every device is assigned an IP via DHCP Reservation. 4 of the 7 devices connected to the switch and 6 of the wifi connected devices show in the device list with their correct common name along with their reserved IP. The rest show as "unknown" along with the IP. 

What is strange is if I use the "Telus My WIFI" app all the connected devices show the correct names? Is this a bug within the T3200M or is there a way to fix this? Obviously this is nothing serious, it is just a bit of annoyance. Ideas?

Community Power User
Community Power User

I understood it was the device that reported its name to the router. If so, then there is little can be done, except to address it through each device.

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