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Can't find active wireless Network on T3200M modem.

Just Moved In

When we had our internet installed, I logged onto the T3200M modem and changed the Network and Guest Network names and passwords. No problems for 2 years. Today, our guest password is not working. I logged into the modem and the Network names I made are not showing up, only the original wireless network names. For example:

Original wireless names were Telus1144 and Telus1144 Guest. I changed them to BusinessName22 and BusinessName Guest. Now when I log onto the modem it only shows Telus1144 and Telus1144 Guest (and the Guest is not activated). My computer is currently using BusinessName22 network, and I can see the BusinessName Guest, but I can also see the Telus1144 network as well. I have done this a bunch of times for different businesses and modems over the years and never had an issue. Why can't I see the wireless networks I created? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely odd. Your best bet may be to reach out to our Tech Support team at 1-888-811-2323 for further assistance.