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T3200M USB storage on Mac?


Seeing how others were able to use the USB port on their modems for network storage, I decided to try the same with my external hard drive on my Mac. I connected it to the back to the modem, and it shows in the modem's firmware settings. But when I go to the Finder and try to look for the drive in network, nothing shows. Anyone know how to work the drive?



Community Power User
Community Power User

Some instructions from an old discussion on this subject:


From the last time I tried setting up USB storage on the T3200 I found it to be too annoying and I just stuck my network attached storage box instead.


From what I recall from the last time I set it up:

  • Any drive connected to the T3200 would usually need to be FAT32 formatted. Any Mac formatted drive won't work.
  • The shared folder is not the root of the drive but a sub-folder sharing the same name as the login under the Samba settings on the T3200
  • The drive wouldn't show up automatically as a network volume. I had to manually connect to using SMB (Samba) on Windows. I can't even remember if I got my Mac to connect to the shared volume.
  • The T3200 uses an older Samba stanard to connect. I think it was Samba 1.0. I don't think it was new enough to use SMB2. That standard was depreciated in most current operating systems (Win10 and MacOS Catalina and newer) as it was cracked ages ago. Apple is using SMB3 as the default since Catalina so you may have some trouble connecting from your Mac.

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