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T3200 modem system log


I had my T3200 modem replaced several times and every time modem is initially installed it keeps 3-4 days of log and then after several days it's just keeping 24 hours of logs. And I find it strange that every night between 6-9pm, it removes the last 24 hours of log. I asked Tech Support about this and every time they didn't know why is this happening to my modem, and I was told that it should keep 3-4 days of log. Just wondering...

1. Does your T3200 modem keep 3-4 days of log?

2. Does your modem remove / delete log between 6-9pm every night?



Community Power User
Community Power User

1. Mine keeps 24-48 hours of system log (firewall log disabled)

2. Probably. It's not going to keep logs indefinitely. 


I think the bigger question is what are you needing / using the log for?

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