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Modern Hardware


My current setup uses a Nokia ONT feeding a T3200 modem.  Wireless service is provided via 3 Boost Wifi units in various places in the house, one ethernet connected to the T3200 and two hardware connected via ECB6200 MOCA units.


What modern Telus modem and booster hardware will replicate this setup?



Community Manager
Community Manager

It depends on what your home is qualified for. You can always check your address and service availability at our website page here:


Equipment availability is based on the technology deployed to your home so the router that'll be set up isn't the same for fibre as it'd be for copper ADSL, etc.

I have Purefibre 500 service.  The technician that looked at my setup said that upgrading the hardware would have no effect on what speed I would see day to day - but he had an interest in saying that.

Just Moved In

For a setup similar to yours, I'd recommend considering the latest Telus modem, such as the Telus T4000. It provides enhanced performance and features compared to the T3200. As for boosters, you might want to look into the Telus Boost Wi-Fi 2.0 units. They offer improved coverage and speed compared to the Boost Wi-Fi units you currently have. This combination should replicate and even enhance your existing setup effectively.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus doesn't offer any devices with the model T4000.

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