Switched from SHAW and working out the bugs. Just got SmartRing and now where is VM to EM?

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Interesting how the voicemail sounds and works pretty much identical to Shaw - except how to have voicemails sent to my email? 

The instructions on the web say it's possible but there is no voicemail to text/email option available either by calling the voicemail and checking options or by logging into online voicemail through the TELUS web portal. 

By the way, we have the "full feature" home phone, not the LITE version. 

So, any help would be appreciated! 

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

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As far as I am aware, Home Phone does not have the ability to send voicemail recordings to your email
...On TELUS Mobility (cellphone) you can send Voicemails to Text Messages or to Email as a voice recording & in transcript as an extra add-on.


Closest Solution: You can setup voicemail email "notifications" through the web portal at https://voicemail.telus.com then, when you get the email notification you can click the link in your email to play the voicemail on the web portal.


Helpful Links:

  • TELUS Home Phone Voicemail Guide [PDF] Click Here
  • How to setup your TELUS Home Phone Voicemail Click Here


There are 3 ways to access your TELUS Home Phone voicemail.

  1. To access your voicemail from anywhere you get email, set up your voicemail to e-mail notifications. This is great for use at home, or away from home
  2. To access your mailbox from your Home phone, wait for a dial tone, then dial *98
  3. To access your voicemail when you are away from home:
  • If you are in Canada, call your 10-digit home number, or call 1-844-310-9898 toll free. Press star (*) during your greeting, then enter your password


  • If you are outside of Canada, call your 10-digit phone number, or call any of the below voicemail access numbers (international long distance charges may apply). Press star (*) during your greeting, then enter your password:
  • 4032648283
  • 7804201414
  • 2506586311
  • 6044085200
  • 4166233322
  • 4183861071

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Friendly Neighbour

Hi and thanks for your reply. 

The "closest solution" is, indeed, exactly what I was looking for. 

By setting up a notification by email, with audio, I then receive an email with an audio file of the voicemail! 

Tested, confirmed and that's that. 

Thank you!