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Service entry/demarcation point - overhead Fibre service to detached garage

Just Moved In


I'm installing a 2" steel mast on my detached garage to relocate the overhead fibre optic line (and old cable TV line hopefully) that is currently attached to the soffit on the back of the house (1960's rancher style).

At the bottom of the mast I need to attach either a 'transition' box or an 'LB' type conduit body, which will then 90 into the garage as a point of entry.


The Telus fibre guide for Alberta shows an couple of examples;

-  A 'transition' box being used where fibre is being routed to two locations (ie. house and garage) - requirement is an 8x8 box, mounted on the exterior at the bottom of the mast

- An "LB" conduit connector being used at the bottom of the mast for single fibre run to into a house.


I really would like to run an LB (2") just because it's easier to mount and easier to ground etc.. but I really just want one entry point/box into the garage. Of course the back of the LB is accessible from the outside for Telus to make their connections. My questions are:


1) Is the LB conduit body considered the Telus demarcation point?  Or does Telus then need to drill a hole in it to run cable in to a separate Telus supplied demarcation box?

2) If an LB still requires a separate demarc box, would using the 8x8 junction box instead be a better choice so I wouldn't need a separate demarc box? 


If anyone has any experience with this, that would be great.