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Rural Internet upgrade?

Friendly Neighbour

Have a ZTE MF279T Hub at the moment, anyone out there know in the newer hub (model #?) will give me higher speeps based off a 4g tower?



What speeds are you getting now? On mine with only two or three bars of signal I can easily hit 24 mega bit down AND up. I inquired about their newer 5G gear. I seriously question the benefit. If you can, try and hold out for a better deal. The current plans suck. I was told I could not use an indoor unit but would need an outdoor unit. Then I saw the plans. One of them is 50 mega bit download then you look at the fine print (because of course it is not published upfront) and it is only “up to 10 mega bit upload“. All the main stream media is telling us this 5G is the end all and be all of Internet. The Internet of things. All things in real time. On paper 5G starts supposedly at 1000 mega bits and only goes up from there. So where is the end customer enjoying the benefit of 5G? Even the current hardwired port is only 100 mega bit capable. Until this company smartens up and offers realistic Internet speeds that makes sense: avoid avoid avoid.