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Review of Telus 1Gb/s after a couple of weeks….


Good Day all…


As the subject line reads, this is a review of my overall impression of the Telus Pure Fiber internet after a couple of weeks of service.


Let’s start with the order process… The Condo building in which I reside was recently upgraded to support fiber. That process took approximately 4 days give, or take. The installation team consisted of about 5 members working in unison pulling the fiber between the various floors, and then installing a drop connection within all the various units… The entire team was very professional, courteous and well versed in the installation of the fiber drops. The installation within the unit was no more than an hour tops.


Once the drop was installed, the longest wait was to have Telus update their database reflecting the installation of the fiber so one could actually request a completed installation. That process took the better part of a couple weeks.


Again, when the address update was completed, I contacted an agent via a voice call to discuss the various plans and incentives being offered. That agent was courteous and very professional as well. He was knowledgeable of any offerings currently being promoted and was will in discuss options that I may need… We came to an agreement of what service in required, and set an installation date.


The date of installation was scheduled for the following Wednesday late in the morning. I was surprised by the timing as I called late Friday afternoon to arrange for the installation and thought I’d be looking at a longer installation date.


Approximately 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of the installer, we received a call confirming that they, yes, they would arrive within the next few minutes, and just wanted to give a heads-up notice. Right on time within a minute of the scheduled appointment time they arrived.


After looking at the various locations of the needed fiber run withing the condo, the collected the various components required from their vehicle to complete the installation. The installation required a run of fiber between 2 rooms within the unit. That process was fully completed again with professionalism, and courteous manner. Utilizing the new near invisible fiber material, its impossible to see the fiber at all. The best install of a cable I have witnessed in over 40 years of being to the IT industry. These guys really knew their stuff…


Once hooked up, and speed tested, we show simultaneous transfer speeds in the high 930’s Mbps with a 4ms ping time. Very impressive indeed.


Did I mention that up until this time we have been loyal Shaw clients for almost 20 years, so converting to Telus was not taken lightly. What was considered, was the fact that after all this time with Shaw, all the incentives monetarily have been discontinued for us. Our service was going to increase by about $48.00 a month. Telus on the other hand offered an attractive incentive to convert, and commit to a 2-year plan.


I don’t normally take the time to do this type of review, however, I wanted to let anyone considering the switch from another IPS to Telus to seriously consider doing just that. I don’t normally endorse anyone provider as I believe they are just that, a service provider. If I don’t receive the service as expected, I have no problem changing them for someone else.


In this case I just wanted to give Kudos to the entire Telus team… Congrats from a satisfied client...




Almost a year has passed since the installation of TELUS Pure fiber here within the condo unit.

I can honestly say the most complex problem I’ve experienced is a billing problem after the CC established to auto pay the account was compromised outside of the TELUS system, and totally not the fault or problem of TELUS. It took a couple of phone calls to TELUS billing to update the new CC number.

Internet service has never failed once not for any period of time. (I have monitoring to an internal server to assure full uptime access for verification).

The speed has never dropped below 920Mbps and 4ms ping no matter what time, or day of the week… This has been the best experience I have had from an ISP ever.


Am absolutely glad I traded up from SHAW.

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Same goes for us. We’ve been with Shaw for over 15 years and they didn’t offer me anything when our contract expired. Went with Telus fibre and Optik TV and couldn’t be happier. Had the same experience, the installer was right on time and did an excellent job. He said that he would put the modem anywhere I wanted so I put it upstairs in our 2 storey house with the ONT in the basement. Perfect install.

Still, after returning every single piece of equipment to Shaw a month ago including every cable, power supply and remote, I’ve received 5 bills from Shaw for $650 for Internet, TV and unreturned equipment. The last bill I received this week said that if I don’t pay it, they will send it to a collection agency. The bill listed all the serial numbers of the equipment that I already returned. I called them each time and they told me that my balance is $0.00 and they actually owe me $58. I knew this was going to happen when they wouldn’t let me personally return the equipment back to the main warehouse or any of the mall locations. They emailed me a Canada Post shipping label for me to send it to the same warehouse 10 min from my house. There is no receipt that proves I returned everything except for a CP tracking number. What a bunch of clowns, don’t think I’ll even consider going back to them anytime soon.

@jackrabbit000 Interesting information you present... I as well received a notice that our equipment was not returned, and that they wanted $100.00 for the modem. Like your situation, we tried to return it to a local retail store only to be told they wouldn't take it, and then not offering any suggestion as to just how to go about returning the device. So back on the phone to Shaw yet again, and like yourself we were sent a prepaid label to return the device. We did that immediately.


Now here is a little bit of a difference in our 2 situations. The track did indeed show that the device was signed for when delivered to the Shaw warehouse. You might want to go back to the CP tracking site and confirm that option was not included.


Once I had that info I again called Shaw, and the additional charge has been removed from the account balance, and like yourself a refund is being processed.


Hope I'm done with them as of now.... Cheers

Tracking shows that they received it and signed for it and I still have the tracking receipt. I shipped it on July 4 and they received it on July 6. Everytime I call them they say that they received the package. One guy even confirmed all the serial numbers for the modem, tv box and 2 PVR’s. But yet, they keep sending me a $650 bill saying it’s now overdue. Still charging me $135 for Internet and TV service after I cancelled it on July 3 after my Telus install is crazy.

They did the same to me. Threatened collector. I called them and was told they had just issued me a check but it would take 7 weeks or so for me to get took two months!

I thought that the Shaw check was low but didn't really look into it. Just got another check to make up what they had owed me.


Now I have issues with Telus.

 I've had four techs here. I am back to the 3200 router and two boosters. I get 50 Mbps and dropped signals. I'm told by one tech that the max wireless that they can send is about 400 Mbps while the next says 1000 Mbps.

So many different stories mean most are lying.


Does anyone know what speed the Telus routers can transmit?????

Friendly Neighbour

Are the Boosters using a wired or wireless backhaul? that plays into it also. think about it. if you have your modem (paperweight), at the panel and then you have a booster with a wireless backhaul in a room that you had wifi issues in, you have 100% reception of crap. 


I thought that after a month of Telus service, I would give an update in regards to how my service has fared.


I have had not one service drop at all… Rock solid stability. No matter what time of day, afternoon or evening has the upload/download speed dropped below 920 Mbps calculated via


Still very glad I converted from the local cable internet provider. Saving money, and much faster speed…

This is generally consistent with my experience. I have a Shaw Business connection installed by my work as well as my home Telus fibre connection.

The Shaw connection was out for an hour earlier this week (for my neighbours too!), and is currently experiencing network issues such that the 75 Mbps speed is speed testing at about 2 Mbps, and I keep getting kicked off my VPN.


No issues on Telus.


The Telus network is simply more reliable in my experience.


Having said that, when things go wrong, it's a huge pain to deal with Telus. If only they could improve their customer service...

@loosemeatI lucked out when I had to call Telus about a small Issue. Trick was to do a search for "PureFibre Team" on the net.... Found a toll free that was answered by a human on the second ring. They had the problem solved in a matter of minutes... Cheers...

errr... tried this, but there's no special line forTelus PureFibre and minimum wait to get through to a human is 1 hour.


I’ll do a month review at this time.


I’ve had this running no stop 7/24 with out one single drop, or slowdown for over a month now. Utilizing both, and, the upload and download rate have stayed constant and very reliable.


Still very happy with the overall service and speed.



Unfortunately, this has not been my experience at all. I called Telus to arrange a PureFibre installation. A contractor came and couldn't install it. Telus came and check it out and said that better equipment was needed. Then, two more appointments were arranged and no one showed up at the appointed times. I called Telus and they said they will get back to me. It's been 2 months now and Telus is just wasting my time.

@localfolk A lot of questions. Have you checked to see if fiber is to your subdivision or street. Are you overhead or underground. Age of subdivision. If it is an older ug subdivision it is very costly to install fiber. Oh way cheaper. But all these things require an interest of the people living there to get a set of numbers of people who will connect to the fiber to make it worth while. The install crews are not large in numbers for telus.

Of course I checked all those things. Telus was the one that arranged the installation. Unfortunately, Telus hasn't put sufficient resources into their installation efforts.


I wish our experience with Telus PurFibre was as pleasant!  Equipment was all installed in new condo.  Ordered two additional Optik boxes.  Upgraded to Ubiquity Wifi modem and signal extenders.  300MB connection was delivering 30MB.  Call to support and connection to provisioning addressed that issue.


Now we are lucky if we get 30-50% of the expected 300MB.


The annoying thing is that the Telus wifi app speed test shows 350MB, while Ookla shows 80-130MB!!


Over an hour wait to talk to agent, as you cannot access any useful resources with Telus assist!!


Long time Shaw conversion that is NOT impressed!


@YVRBhoy  Interesting problem you are having... Might you indicate just what Ubiquiti equipment you are running?


My entire network is based on Ubiquiti  and have had no connection, or speed issues what so ever... Consistent 3 ms pings and 930-938 Mbps on our PureFibre Gigabit connection.


This could be as simple as a miss-configuration of some of the Ubiquiti equipment...



@DrPacman have the TELUS Wi-Fi Hub (Arcadyan) connected to a Araknis 110 Series Single WAN Gigabit VPN Router.  The Ubiquiti equipment resides in the hall closet where the hub and PVR from Telus were installed and includes Unifi 8 Port/2 SFP POE+ Switch (150W), Unifi 802.11AC 4x4 Mimo High Density Access Point and Unifi Flex HD AP 4x4 (in master bedroom).  The system was installed by the communications company that was recommended by the building developer (Smart TeK Communications).

@YVRBhoy  Ok... I find it very interesting that your contractor installed an Araknis router withing this system, and not one of the Ubiquiti USG's.


The other factor is that unless you have a Ubiquiti controller installed either via software, or a cloudkey of some sort, the ability to upgrade the firmware of the Ubiquiti  devices is very limited. The beauty of Ubiquiti devices is there ability to add features, and updated to there hardware via the firmware updates...


The first thing I would do is connect a computer directly to your Araknis router, and see what speed results your seeing without any interference from other devices. If you see full speeds there you then know that you need to work on the Ubiquiti devices... Currently I'm running my Ubiquiti  devices with the following firmware installed on the switches and AP's points, This seems to be a very viable firmware for most installations.



if you have Telus Pure Fibre and DO NOT HAVE Optik TV and have a Nokia G-240G-A white ONT, connect your router to the cat5 that was connected to the paperweight they call a gateway. I was having to power cycle my Telus modem's (yes I went through 3 of them, 2 different models) to get both wifi and wired traffic to work. Telus and all of their resources blamed my switches (i went through 4 of them, no change each time) so I had enough. I bought a 3rd party mesh system and connected it to my ONT and haven't had a wifi issue since. the issue is their firmware in my experience

I am Shaw for 20 years. I have the top speed 600 plan. Lately, I am getting interruptions and no Internet from 1hour to a whole day and night. I work remote from home day and night. I would love to switch over to Telus's pure fiber, but they kept saying it is not available in my area. I am notbthe only one. Many of my strat neighbors want Telus Pure Fiber too, but Tels told us there is no plans to bring the service. We are in the city on Hastings and Nanaimo. We are very urban and not in rural area. I am disappointed in Telus for this.