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Remove an anchor cable of the utility pole


There is an anchor cable of the Telus' utility pole infront of my new coach house. The city ask me to contact Telus to remove it through strenghen the utility pole with a better solution. The Telus local technician says it's not his business. He will talk to his boss and transfer the job to other department. There is no feedback and action taken after that. What should I do? I have invest huge to build a new coach house but the entire project is stopped by this cable infront of my coach house. More over, there is more than ten utility poles in our back lane. The one close to my house is the only one with an anchor cable. And, this one is not the first unitily pole nor the last one. What should I do?image_6483441.JPGimage_6483441 (1).JPG




I was a tech in OP Engineering till 2015 when I retired.  That anchor and down guy are not on your property and Telus had a permit to put it there way back when.
There are a few things that could be done but it's hard to say from just looking at that picture but someone at Telus should definitely be able to get you a price. There's not many techs left in my old department, most if not all of the work is contracted out now.  I'm surprised no one from the company has contacted you, assuming they have employees monitoring this forum.

Hi, Fisherguy:


Thanks a lot for your kind reply.


I first contacted technical support team, after weeks waiting, he said it should be pole repair team's job. Then I called Telus again and created a new ticket. The pole repair team came and said it's also not their job, they would transfer to pole construction department. Weeks passed again, no one contacts me and I don't know what to do. Called Telus again and the answer is: 'nothing they can do, but waiting'. 


So sad. What should I do?



I don't think Telus has any actual linemen left, all "construction" is contracted out now and if the anchor WAS to be moved it would require a permit be drawn up and approved by the city, it would take a couple months I'm guessing.   Unfortunately you should have started the ball rolling before you started building.

Up until about 5 years ago(?) when you contacted Telus it would make it's way down to someone like me in my old job in engineering and I'd do up a quote for the job, it would take a couple months to get the permit approved at least another month to get the work done.

I'd call Telus again and ask to speak to an "installation supervisor", the boss of the guys that do phone, fibre installs.  I'd think he would know who you should contact.

Things have changes so much since I retired in 2015 I really don't know what else to suggest.
Good luck.


@renzi829  I.m retired power lineman. The guy wire has an insulator in it that indicates there is power up there also. By what i see there is triplex Wire far side that would feed other houses down the alley. Possible power company pole line down alley with phone and cable added later. 

No insulators have been standard on all downguys for decades to prevent electrolysis, the anchor rod basically rots away if there's none.  Standard procedure is to replace both anchor and guys anytime you see one without an insulator.


Hi renzi829, in addition to what has been mentioned and RC's reference to a similar post, you may also want to reach out to the electric company. It wouldn't hurt to follow up with the TELUS residential dept. either.

There's 2 tel strands on that pole, there is no power, it's DEFINITELY a Tel anchor!

Hi, Dimo-X:


It's confirmed that this is a Telus' unitily pole. City planner and BC Hydro both confirmed that it's Telus' responsibility to repair it with a different solution rather than using an anchor cable blocking the house drive way in the back lane.

Maybe call the city, ask them who submits the Telus permits?  If it's a contracted company you could call them.