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Questions on routers, switches gateway or modem


Network configuration

Default Gateway

subnet mask

iPV4 address

IPV6 address



cat cables types

ethernet adapters ,connectors

wifi -2ghz, 5ghz band wifi 6 band , onacces points, routers, wifi cards....

Network interface card - 1 gb, 2.5 gb, 10 gb




Community Power User
Community Power User

You're asking about the absolute basics. Cisco offers a FREE online course on networking basics. You could benefit from that. Barring that, Google or Wikipedia are also a valid resources.

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If telus customers  has issues, they can feel free to ask in this forum when it happens, like network connectivity, ip address......I can asist in you concerns or questions about network devices, connectivity  and help with network devices or network connectivity truouble shooting steps to resolve you problems or conserns or questions

Telus employees, business customers or residential customer  can ask questions in this topic, network devices, network connectivity and network trouble shooting forum.