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Proper IPv6 Setting for Telus Purefibre/Arcadyn Hub?

Helpful Neighbour

Hey All,

I got a new ASUS Zenwifi Xt8 router and I was hoping to enable IPv6 to take full advantage.  Asus tell customers to reach out to their ISP to determine the IPv6 'Connection Type' to set the corresponding router settings properly, and they list types as PPPoE, Automatic IP, Static IP etc (see article here:

Last night I randomly tried PPPoE (And corresponding router setting "native") and using it seemed like that was working, but I wanted to be sure, so today I reached out to Telus Support.  The Person I spoke to said that I should be using 'Automatic IP' so I changed the Asus Router Settings to the appropriate mode for that connection type ("Passthrough").

While I still have internet access, now when I runt he same IPv6 Tests I get all sorts of errors ("No IPv6 Address Detected").

Can anyone advise as to what setting I should be selecting on my router?