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Possible identify theft?

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Hi all, is there an email address where I can share a security video with Telus, so they can tell me if the person that came to my door to discuss the new Purefibre is an employee of Telus or not? It was not an appointment that was set up, but they came knocking. They had an id badge, but I didn't think to look at her name. She knew my email address, but also asked for identification from me. She said she would book me in to have Purefibre installed on the 20 of Nov., but when I called the following week to confirm, my appointment wasn't there. The agent I was talking with, said he'd look into it. This happened in Coventry Hills on Oct 16 2021 in Calgary, Alberta at approx 1:15pm. I'm curious if she was a scammer or not.


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Community Power User
  • Fraud: If you believe you are a victim of fraud or worry that you may have been targeted, please report this activity to TELUS Customer Care.  Dial 1-866-558-2273 or *611 from a TELUS handset

Source: Report a problem regarding fraud and spam - Security | TELUS