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Paying Internet Home Services bill with online banking

Just Moved In

I bank with Vancity. If I want to pay my Internet Home Services bill via online banking, which Telus bill payee do I add?


Community Manager
Community Manager

For home services it'll be TELUS COMMUNICATIONS or some abbreviation of that (BMO has 'TELUS COMM' for example).

I tried putting my Internet Home Services bill under 'Telus Communications,' and it didn't take--my Telus website account indicated I still owed money for the bill, and I had to call Customer Support to get them to help me with that. So, I'll repeat my question: For anyone who bans with Vancity, how do we pay our Internet bills via online banking--what is the name of that particular bill payee?

Interesting. It's always been 'TELUS Communications' with VanCity. Perhaps the bank itself may able to shed some light.

All bank apps I've used have a search function for payees. What choices do you get when you search for TELUS?

I use CIBC and the payee for home services is TELUS COMMUNICATIONS.

Also, could you be getting the right payee but inputting the wrong account number? Your statement will show a 9 digit account number followed by a space and another digit. I had to use all 10 digits for it to work.