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PTZ cameras and other types of cameras compatible with Telus home security


Hi all,


     Can anyone give me some guidance on if there are any PTZ cameras that are compatible with the Telus security system? Does the system only work with branded cameras or are there other cameras that could be made to work with the system?


      I have two of the Telus wifi boosters but the system still drops the feed on most of the cameras save the one closest to the modem, is there anything I can do to check if they are working correctly and if they are working properly how can I get better signal strength?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! Just circling back to this, apologies for the late reply! Haven't heard about those being compatible with our system, and while they may be, of course please note that our team can only troubleshoot/assist with our own equipment. You can always reach out to our SmartHome team directly at 1-855-255-8828 for confirmation.