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Now on Optik cabling

Friendly Neighbour

During the instal the tech tells that on paper I have 75 speed, but will actually have 150 speed. 

Speed throughout the house is much less consistent than before. And less than 75, obviously not close to 150. I have added 3 boosters and now have much better speed throughout house. 


At first the APP said I was being billed for 75 speed and received 75 speed. Then with new dates starting on the installation date there was a second caption saying I was billed for 75 speed and am receiving 150 speed. 


I read a couple of articles that it might appear the lowest speed is 150 with the fibre cabling. My friend pays for 25 speed and he too is receiving 150 speed. 


My questions:

Is 150 the new lowest speed, when on fibre?

For any one paying different prices for a lower speed like 10, 15, 25, 50 etc and are now on will that impact on their billing now or in the future? Or how will that impact on their billing at the end of their agreement. I can’t afford to pay any more. 





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Community Power User

Where I live 250 is the lowest fibre plan directly advertised on Telus' website currently, and 3gbps is the fastest plan offered. You can still get slower speed plans but you would likely have to call in to get them. I do know that 15/15 is the lowest speed that is currently available on fibre but it's just not advertised.


The billing will still be based on the plan that you are subscribed to on paper, not the speed you are getting over top of the plan. Before your contract is up, check Telus's website or call in and see what the pricing options are at the time. If you're on a two year contract currently with a reduced rate, after the contract is up you would go up to the regular price if a new contract isn't put in place. You should be able to start a new contract before the current one is done.

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From a technical (but not billing perspective) the maximum "allowed" speed for fibre is related to the lowest device speed in the total connection infrastructure.  All ISP's speeds are limited by their server equipment and connection to the local internet POP. So Telus selling a max. of 1g say with their infrastructure.  Any customer speed is artificially imposed as a "Cap" or "limit" by the ISP server.   The costs of providing fibre are therefore the same regardless of the speed.  For marketing (or sales) reasons ISP's might like to sell a range of speeds but this is just to offer a range of fees.  Capping and limiting individual accounts is a real pain for the programmers, hence in your neighborhood they have decided to only cap at 150 (regardless of what the customer is paying).   For you its great but for the guy paying for 150 not so much - he, is subsidizing you, just like all the users paying higher fees than you.  Like some ISP's in the US, Telus seems to be tending to getting rid of this artificial pricing and just charging every user for the cost of the services regardless of the speed they use.  Telus on the way to get there is now just charging for a low (300) and high (1000) speed.  Much fairer of the mean customer; but against the concept of % impact - all customers should pay the same % of their income.  But there you go - unless Telus do a means test on you how do they know what you can afford or not?