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No more TELUS email to my iphone

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Out of the blue, I got a message when trying to retrieve my email on my iPhone, as I have done for many years. The error message stated that the username or password were incorrect. I know my username and password are correct. I ended up deleting the email account on my phone, assuming I could simply add it back and the problem would be repaired. I was wrong. I get the same error message when attempting to add the account back on my iPhone. I then attempted to access the account over the web, and was again greeted with the same error message. A call to Telus had them remove some sort of password block on their end, but they were unable to help me restore the email access directly to my iPhone. They said I’d need to forward my email to a different email address and add that different email address to my iPhone. Is this a known problem. Is TELUS actively blocking direct access to my email account via my iPhone?

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Hi @ccmmaacc 

I'm having a similar problem but in Outlook.  For the last 3 days I cannot get my and the box asking for username and password keeps coming back every 5-10 seconds. I try to retype my password to no avail. I'm tempted to delete the added e-mail in Outlook but I'm worried about losing any information. 


Looking forward to hearing if anyone has an answer for you so I can apply it to my circumstances.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Deleting and reinstalling the service to your phone won’t cause loss of emails, unless you delete the application, and stored files. All your IMAP folders would be retained across a re-install.


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