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New internet, not getting close to 2.5gb

Just Moved In


So we signed up for internet on the 7th and we selected their 2.5gb internet as it is the best offered. The best we have seen is 1gb download. I called and talked to Telus and they sent their technician back in to check and he said everything looked good.


Is there a chance that we have the wrong parts installed?

Also, all the Ethernet cables they used were CAT5, and I am under the impression that for 2.5 you need CAT6? 


Any help would be awesome,




@adamsfu Wrote:  The best we have seen is 1gb download. 


I'm guessing we'll need a lot more specific information before anyone might offer suggestions that may be beneficial to solving your problem...


Things like which ONT/Modem/Router have been installed by Telus.

CAT 5e will support your 2.5Gbps connection, please verify that indeed as you have said, your running CAT 5?

What Nic card is installed in the computer you testing the speed at?


There is indeed a very small possibility that Telus has incorrectly provisioned your connection, however, as I said we'll need some more info before we might be able to suggest some changes... Cheers....


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