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New installation taking over a month to complete

Just Moved In

I live in a multi-unit home and I ordered PureFibre at the beginning of the month.

Over the month I called 4 times already to get it fixed but every time something goes wrong and another technician gets sent out with the same issue no fibrebox.


I had 3 technicians come to the house and all 3 say a fibrebox needs to be installed in the basement.

The last technician said it'll take another 2 weeks before another agent comes out.


Is there a way to get the fibrebox installed sooner?


I don't want to call in again and subject the poor sap to an hour long call spending most of time rereading all the notes in the case. I know they're just going to cancel my order again for the fifth time and open a new one and back to square one again.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Unfortunately not as some fibre drops can take upwards of 4 weeks and perhaps even long depending on any unforeseen delays or circumstances.